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First Day of the Rest of Your Life.

It’s been almost four years since my life fell apart. My job in real estate was collapsing. The bills were piling up. The properties I owned with my partner were unsustainable. Worst of all my partner of almost ten years and I could no longer talk about anything. I was turning forty and was just as lost as I was at twenty (which is pretty lost).  Something had to change. My life could not go on this way.

I decided to change my life and went on a binge of motivational books. I moved out and went back to my old job. I changed my life completely, but I fear I mostly ignored the advice of most of the books. I went the safe route  which left me more financially secure, but not necessarily happier.

Fortunately I did learn a few things. So it’s time to start again. This time I’m going to go out on a limb and try to take the books advice. It’s hard to change. It’s uncomfortable.  But I have to believe it is possible. I invite you to join me, be my partner in change and we can share the things we are learning along the way.

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